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Finding Tai Chi Lessons in Three Legged Cross: Now all of us go through phases of thinking of doing something a bit more healthy and beneficial to our general wellbeing. There are fitness programs being promoted everywhere you look which are professed to be not just health improving but also enjoyable as well. Some people have become tired of some of the conventional approaches like using rowing machines or going out for a jog. Have you considered doing Tai Chi which is a low impact form of martial art that is especially suited to older persons, though is widely done by folks in every age group?

Tai Chi Lessons Three Legged Cross, Dorset, UK

Discover How Tai Chi Can Help You: Tai Chi is a martial art form that's been around a long time but it doesn't feel like a martial art style. For many centuries, the Chinese have used Tai Chi as a way to enhance the flow of energy within the body. An important emphasis in this ancient martial art and exercise is proper form. The movements in Tai Chi are performed gradually and purposely so that every step is experienced. Although there is little impact on the body, Tai Chi helps build stamina levels, strength and flexibility.

As a person moves the entire body as one in Tai Chi, their balance and dexterity will improve as the mind and body are developing a more powerful link. It may be helpful for a person who has stiff joints. Even though it has been developed as a martial art form, it does not teach self-defence, much striking or any offence, either. Its only aim is to help an individual improve the energy that circulates inside the body by means of breathing and movements. Ailments are stopped or prevented by internal energy or chi, in line with the belief of the Chinese.

It is an art that you practice, and it will keep your body not only very soft, but calm. It is like you are a puppet on a string, with your joints being suspended from your head. It is important to stay focused entirely on the movements and to focus the energy flowing through your body. The energy that you've got will circulate through your entire body if you continue to be focused and calm. You will be always moving, even while being soft and calm, because the energy never stops flowing through your body. It requires little or no effort when you are doing these movements. You are going to feel you're weightless when you use your chi.

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Tai Chi students are taught to use their adversary's energy to overpower them in any conflict. This energy may be used against the opponent as long as the stylist remains very calm, since hardly any strength is involved. Through Tai Chi, the opponent will ultimately become tired and weak which will enable the Tai Chi stylist to attack. There'll be minimal defence as the energy has diminished, and there's much less energy for attacking. While Tai Chi has been in existence for centuries, it's very hard to find in practice these days. Similar to Ninjutsu and Tiger Claw, it is not easy to find a school that specializes in Tai Chi.

By learning Tai Chi, you can learn a lot about yourself. You will become much more mindful of your spiritual self and your internal energy. Should there be a school close by that teaches Tai Chi, then you should try to enroll.

Tai Chi - Learning It as a Martial Art Style: In general people consider tai chi primarily as a form of exercise that's done very slowly or as a form of meditation. While these concepts are correct, it's also a standard martial art style. The original name of the art, Tai Chi Chuan, may be translated as "supreme ultimate fist". This hints that the very first practitioners of tai chi grasped its worth as a martial art style, even though the majority of people nowadays have forgotten about this.

It is easy to think tai chi is not a martial art form since the movements are extremely slow. Other fighting methods such as karate and kung fu have rapid and powerful movements. Whenever you watch tai chi being executed, it seems like the same moves in other fighting styles but in slow motion. The moves are in slow motion but they can certainly be done fast. In actuality, carrying it out slowly demands more control and precision. You could practice tai chi at different speeds but to develop control and stability, you will have to do it gradually.

There's a traditional tai chi practice known as push hands. This calls for two individuals pushing against one another, hoping to get the other off balance. Much like sparring matches in karate, you will find tournaments for push hands. The idea of push hands is to make use of very little force against the other person. By using the weight and strength of the opposition and not yourself, you try to take them off balance. It requires lots of practice but once learned, you can be considered a formidable martial artist. It's best to learn this by finding a tai chi school or an experienced teacher as opposed to learning it all by yourself. It takes far more than just doing Tai Chi form if you would like to become great at martial arts.

You will need to find a school or tutor that specialises in tai chi as a martial art and not a way of exercising. Practicing tai chi form purely as a way of exercising is great for your overall health and can reduce stress however you will likely not really develop your martial art skills. You'll develop balance and flexibility by learning the form but you'll not know how to put it to use in a real situation if you needed to. If you do not live near a qualified Tai Chi instructor with a martial arts background, you can find some books, DVDs and web sites that should point you in the right direction.

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Tai chi is thought of as an internal martial art style instead of external like karate. Besides push hands, practitioners of tai chi also use swords and other standard Chinese weapons. Tai chi is an excellent form of exercise but its also a great form of martial art.

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