Tai Chief - About Us

Hiya, and I welcome you to my website. I am William Gibson and I set about designing and building websites some 11 years back. The truth is I am actually a demolition expert by trade, therefore the change to developing websites was fairly overwhelming, but I fell into it quite easily and at present it simply is "what I do". To be truthful I've found it an interesting challenge, brainstorming concepts and putting them into practise, at times hoping to generate a little cash out of it and oftentimes simply doing it for the fun of it. This website is a bit of both.

I don't know about you, but I have definitely got tired of relentless advertising and promotions pushed in my face on sites, nonstop pop-ups trying to sell me things I wouldn't want and newsletters I will never read, and needing to join or logon to do anything whatsoever on just about all current websites, that means my email is about to get spammed to death and I am no doubt going to use my time each day getting rid of all of this junk. I guarantee that you feel much the same don't you? I hope you will not feel this way having checked out this website.

So, while you might notice several advertisements here, it isn't jammed down your throat, you'll not have to put up with any pop-up windows, you won't be needing to join or logon and you won't get any crappy emails or newsletters. My website isn't dynamic therefore stuff isn't going to be constantly moving or take ages to load up.

It has generally been my objective to supply basic, straightforward sites that are hassle free and fast to load. Hopefully I've achieved that here and that you've got what you wanted your visit, or maybe at least not have been disappointed by it.

I'm not a Tai Chi instructor myself therefore please don't contact me with any inquiries connected with Tai Chi classes or to book Tai Chi lessons, the website was created to give general information about Tai Chi and its benefits.

I can't endorse or recommend any individual Tai Chi school, I've just simply indicated some methods for finding one, the decision is ultimately yours to make.

Many thanks again for visiting and I would like to welcome you here once again soon.