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Finding Tai Chi Lessons in Rothwell: Starting up a fitness regime to improve our health and wellness is something most of us consider every so often. Everywhere you look nowadays, there are new fitness programs touted as being both health promoting and enjoyable to do. Generally people have grown fed up with the traditional solutions such as using exercise bikes or going for a jog. Perhaps you ought to try out something completely new like the very gentle martial art called Tai Chi.

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Just How The Martial Art Of Tai Chi May Help You: A martial art form which has been around for a long period, but does not seem like a martial art is Tai Chi. For some centuries, the Chinese have used Tai Chi in order to improve the flow of energy in the body. Proper form is a key element in this martial art form and exercise. The movements in Tai Chi are carried out gradually and deliberately so that every step is felt. Flexibility, strength and stamina levels could be improved with Tai Chi though there is minimal impact on the body.

Tai Chi helps with balance and coordination as the practice builds a stronger link between the body and mind. If someone is suffering from rigid joints, this technique can be helpful. While Tai Chi is a martial art, it does not have any direct focus on self-defence or any methods to attack someone. Its main purpose is to circulate internal energy through the entire body, working the major joints and muscles, by the use of movements and breathing. Those people who are skilled in Tai Chi firmly think that the exercises will help prevent disease within the body.

When you practice, your body will be very soft and stress-free. Every single aspect of your body is being controlled by your head like a puppet dangling on a string. Your mind must remain centered on every movement, together with focusing on the flow of energy. The energy that you have will move through your whole body if you stay centered and at ease. You're going to be always moving, even while being soft and calm, as the energy never stops flowing through your body. It requires little or no effort if you are doing these movements. You are going to feel that you are weightless when you use your chi.

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The student of Tai Chi uses the energy of his adversary against him, during combat. If the stylist stays at ease, they will be able to stop the adversary with very little effort. The challenger will at some point get tired at which point the stylist can easily defeat them. There'll be very little defence because the energy has diminished, and there's less energy for attacking. Tai Chi is an extremely old martial art but it is extremely hard to find any person practicing it today. Just like Tiger Claw and Ninjutsu, it's hard to find a dojo that focuses on Tai Chi.

By learning Tai Chi, you can learn quite a lot about yourself. You can find out a great deal about your internal energy and spiritual health. If you learn that there is a martial arts tutor close to Rothwell that's ready to teach you the Tai Chi disciplines you ought to take the opportunity and get registered ASAP.

Tai Chi - Mastering It as a Martial Art Style: Lots of people consider tai chi principally as a form of exercise that's conducted very slowly or as a type of meditation. Though it is taught for those applications, it's really a traditional kind of martial art. Tai Chi Chuan is the original name for this martial art form and it stands for "supreme ultimate fist". It implies that the originators of Tai Chi looked at it as a martial art rather than a type of exercise or meditation.

One of the reasons that individuals don't acknowledge tai chi as a martial art style is because it's extremely slow moving. When you observe individuals practicing karate or kung fu, you see quick, impressive movement. In tai chi, each movement seems to be performed in slow motion. It doesn't mean, however, that the same movements can't also be performed fast. But by executing it at a low speed, you have to be more controlled in your movements thus being more accurate. To make use of tai chi, you will have to learn it at different speeds but executing it gradually will improve co-ordination and stability.

There exists a classic tai chi technique known as push hands. In push hands, two individuals face each other and push against one another using their hands and make an effort to force the other person off balance. Like sparring events in karate, there are tourneys for push hands. In tai chi push hands, your goal is to beat your foe with as little force as you possibly can. You're meant to get the opponent off balance using his own weight and strength. There is a lot of work and practice involved but after you've mastered tai chi push hands, you could be a powerful martial artist. If you wish to learn this practice, you have to find a certified coach or a tai chi school that teaches it. Just practicing the Tai Chi form won't be enough to teach you the martial arts uses.

You will have to locate an tutor or school that specialises in tai chi as a martial art style rather than an exercise. Practicing tai chi form purely as an exercise is excellent for your health and can greatly reduce stress however you will not really master your martial art skills. You are going to develop balance and flexibility by learning the form but you'll not know how to put it to use in a real situation if you had to. If you don't live close to a qualified Tai Chi instructor with a martial arts background, you could find a few DVDs, books and sites which should help get you started.

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Tai chi is known as an internal martial art style, as opposed to external martial arts such as karate. Tai chi isn't just push hands as they also utilize swords and other sorts of traditional Chinese weapons. Whether or not you want to learn tai chi for exercise or as a martial art style, it will help you to become flexible and balanced plus it will boost your health.

Weapons Used in Tai Chi

The Tai Chi weapons forms sometimes use podao, dao, cane, gun, whip, sheng biao, lasso, jian, tieshan, dadao, feng huo lun, ji, qiang and sanjiegun, though some of these are rarer than others.

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